About the Author

Dino Miliotis

Born on September 8, 1965, Dino grew up in Chicago, graduating from Niles West High School in 1983. All his life, he’d heard, “think outside the box,” but eventually, after a series of highs and lows, he came to a conclusion: There is No Box.

His first rise to fame came with a simple invention: Bug-Ban, a bracelet containing natural insect repellants. Nearly overnight, he was overwhelmed with orders and embarking on a national media tour including Oprah. Eventually, the novelty wore off; Dino wasn’t making the headlines anymore and the orders slowed down.

He built a different kind of business empire, becoming a millionaire once again before walking away from his empire and into the doors of a rehab facility. Now, he’s making a comeback, and this time, he has found a purpose beyond the dollar signs.