July 11, 1995 - The Bradenton Herald (Bradenton, Florida)

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DiMaggio Consents to Artwork

Baseball immortal Joe DiMaggio is featured in a series of three limited-edition seri-lithographs that bear his autograph

Harold Sports Writer

Joe DiMaggio does not seek publicity and his autographs are rare.
DiMaggio has been careful with whom he deals and where his autographs appear since his retirement in 1955 after a career in which he hit 325 and set the longest hitting streak of 56 games.
But Joe Aurelio found a way to bring DiMaggio out.
Aurelio and artist Carlo Beninati have joined DiMaggio to produce a limited edition lumdrandn Master Series seri-lithograph personally signed by the “Yankee Clipper.” Only 1000 copies of the “American Dream” have been produced worldwide with 650 of them in the United States Two other sciagraphs of DiMaggio are are also available with his signature One is called the “Silver Yankee Clipper” and there are only 750 worldwide 450 in the US while the other the Gold Yankee Clipper” is the rarest of the three with only 250 available worldwide.
Beninati and Aurelio owner of the Aurelio Pizza chain are on the board of directors of the National Italian-American Baseball Hall of Fame of which DiMaggio is a member Beninati did a drawing called “Legends” which depicts members of the NAlB Hall of Fame and DiMaggio liked the work Aurelio and his family invested in a drawing of DiMaggio that Beninati produced.
When all three pieces were completed the next step was to send them to DiMaggio’s attorney in Hollywood Fla to have each one of them signed by the Hall of Famer with three pillows under his chair and one under his elbow the 80 year-old DiMaggio signed all 2,000 in one day.
This marked the first time DiMaggio has signed three series of prints Each signature averages nine inches, large in size for an autograph.
“This can’t compare to autographed balls and bats,” said Dino Miliotis of Frozen In Time. “It’s like comparing apples and oranges This is fine art and fine art will appreciate over time.”
Frozen In Time, Inc. based in Homewood HL is the exclusive distributor for the three pieces and started its business for that reason.
“American Dream” which shows DiMaggio in five different images from his legendary 13-season career with the New York Yankees costs $2495 and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed and notarised The 83-by-89 inch work of art is mounted on a museum-quality mat and framed.’
The “Silver Yankee Clipper” which depicts DiMaggio at the end of his famous swing (also contained m “American Dream”) will cost you $2495 and measures 29 x 8514 inches The “Gold Yankee Clipper” which measures 29-by-35V4 inches will set you bade $3495 because of its rareness.
The set of three sells for $800 A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each piece will benefit charities to which Aurelio has donated generously over the years Among those are the Cental Palsy Foundation Ronald McDonald Charities and Illinois mental health institutions DiMaggio who appeared in 10 World Series and hit 361 home runs is pleased with the results of each piece according to Miliotis.
“The extent of the quality speaks highly of DiMaggio” Miliotis said “It presents him in the most quality way and is untarnished just like he is, I think he’s happy the way it turned out”
The sale of the art has gone well for the the company which in turn has caused problems in where money is an issue.
“This has caused more fights between husbands and wives” Miliotis said “A man will call and say ’I will be there in an hour I just have to talk to my wife’ and then they will call back and say that they are no longer interested.”
“We are not going to sell all of these overnight but sales are going well.”
To place an order for any of the three DiMaggio pieces call Frozen in Time at (708) 922-1956.